Most clothes people wear everyday made from limited natural resources.​

The apparel industries face the issues of environmental destruction,

sea contamination, and mass disposal. ​


SHIMA DENIM WORKS propose earth-friendly creation.​


‘Bagasse’ is a waste material from sugarcanes.​

It lefts behind after processing sugar.

It is an unused resources which usually be disposed.​


SHIMA DENIM WORKS produces denim fabrics from the bagasse. ​

The denim jeans born from sugarcane will be

a treasure of your entire life.​


It has been created from a collaboration of several Japanese

craftworkers which all have great skills and techniques.​ ​

MINO in Gifu is famous for Japanese papers. ​

FUKUYAMA in Hiroshima is famous for woven fabrics.​

SHIMA DENIM WORKS connects all together

and create a sugarcane denim fabrics.​ ​


Environment is our heritage.

Agriculture is necessary for our lives.​ ​


We propose Japanese-made ethical denim connected with

environment and food production.​

Sugarcane is a representative crop in Okinawa. It is an essential crop as the ingredient of sugar for our lives. Further more, it is necessary for environment. It prevent red soil runoff reaches the ocean and protect coral reefs and sea animals.

In recent years, the sugarcane industry faces the problem of aging and lack of sugarcane growers. The industry is threatened with obsolescence.


‘Bagasse’is a residue left behind after processing sugar from sugarcane. It is mainly used as fuel for sugar production. Some places use as biomass or animal feed. However, there is still huge amount of wasted bagasse in the world.

The purpose of SHIMA DENIM WORKS is upcycling bagasse to create unknown value of sugarcane waste.

It is not easy to process the bagasse for second-use because it get fermented immediately. However, SHIMA DENIM WORKS has been developed a system to work out this challenge with a food processing company, ‘Okinawa Powder Foods’.

This project has generated a lot of sympathy. Our partners gave us their techniques and knowledge to make things happen.

The bagasse is processed into powder and the powder is melted and processed into the Japanese paper with the traditional technique in Mino by craftworkers. The paper is processed into thread. This Japanese paper thread is strong and easy to process.

The thread is waved with an ecologically friendly thread called ‘COTTON USA’ in Fukuyama where the place for denim fabric. This is how our ethical denim fabric is made from sugarcane.

SHIMA DENIM WORKS gather the threads of many craftworkers in Japan to the world.